How to Patent an AI or Machine Learning Invention

Inventor holding a lightbulb

Artificial intelligence (AI) encompasses the theory and development of computer systems to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence to accomplish. Machine learning is a subset within AI which utilizes algorithms and statistical models that allow the system to learn and adapt without following explicit directions. Artificial intelligence is here and will only continue to…

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How to Patent a Tool

Tools hanging on a wall in a tool shed

People have been creating new tools to make life easier since the beginning of history. Tools are mechanical inventions that allow us to leverage the laws of physics to modify our environment. A typical tool is a handheld apparatus that a person physically uses, but the term tool can encompass a wide range of inventions.…

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Your Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Software Patents

Inventor coding a software program on their computer

Computer software has revolutionized the world around us and is constantly used to improve and innovate in every industry. Although software is currently the most impactful category of inventions, its place in the US and world patent systems has been the subject of much debate and controversy. Computer software refers to a set of programs…

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How to Get a Patent on a Food Product

A spread of food products

Since the beginning of civilization humans have been innovating upon food and drink. Making jerky from meat, fermenting grapes into wine, and selectively breeding the best grains are all inventions that would be worthy of a patent if invented today. Although humans have been inventing food products for thousands of years, there are still limitless…

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How to Patent a Toy

Shelf full of new toys that were patented

Typically, toys are simple products and relatively easy to manufacture. This makes toys an easy target for others to copy and compete with the original inventor. Obtaining patent rights on a toy is especially important if you wish to prevent others from copying your invention. A quick google patents search places the first granted patent…

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How to Patent a 3D Printed Product

3D printer printing a product

Additive manufacturing – also known as 3D printing – is a modern method of manufacturing. Traditional manufacturing methods include injection modeling, machining, forming, and joining. 3D printing varies from traditional methods by using a computer file and 3D printer to print an object in layers from the base up. 3D printing has advantages over traditional…

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How to Get a Patent

Flow chart of how to patent an idea

Expert tip: Keep a detailed and dated patent journal throughout the whole inventing process. This journal should include any ideas, improvements, refinements, and co-inventors related to the invention and be kept in a secured, non-public location. These notes may be crucial when writing the patent application and determining who invented what. If you run into any…

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