Frequently Asked Questions About Patents

Scale weighing the cost of an idea

How Much Does a Patent Cost?

By Sheldon Brown | November 24, 2021

The final price tag on applying for a patent will vary and is based on fees from multiple sources. If…

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Woman on calendar checking a patent expiration

What Happens When a Patent Expires?

By Sheldon Brown | November 10, 2021

Patents are powerful tools inventors can use to protect their innovation. However, patents don’t last forever, and it is important…

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Calendar displaying the patent duration

How Long Does a Patent Last?

By Sheldon Brown | December 8, 2021

Every patent has a limited life span and will eventually expire. The purpose of the patent system is to promote…

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Someone searching for existing patents

Can You Patent Something That Already Exists?

By Sheldon Brown | November 22, 2021

Technically you can’t patent an existing product, however, the rules were written in a way to allow for future innovation.…

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