Patentability Search

Man sitting on search icon looking up patentability of inventions on computer

Determining the patentability of an invention at the outset helps inform the decision whether to pursue a patent and may save time, energy, and a lot of money. A patentability search is the process of gathering the relevant information needed to evaluate the likelihood of receiving a patent. This article serves as a resource for…

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Prior Art Search

Search box with Prior Art Search displayed

An inventor’s brilliant idea holds immense potential. But before embarking on the exciting journey of securing patent protection, there’s a crucial step: the prior art search. This type of patent search attempts to uncover existing inventions and disclosures that are similar to your own. Knowing what’s already out there is essential for several factors: Avoiding…

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Should You Hire an Attorney to Patent an AI or Machine Learning Product?

Computer coder inventing an AI product

Inventors in the artificial intelligence (AI) space should understand intellectual property rights associated with AI. Appropriately protecting your AI or machine learning invention using intellectual property is essential to ensure that you are adequately compensated for developing the invention. Although a patent attorney is not required to prepare and file a patent application, it is…

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Patent Agent vs. Patent Attorney

Patent agent talking with a patent lawyer

A patent practitioner is someone registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to represent others in matters related to patent prosecution. A patent practitioner may be either a patent agent or a patent attorney. In September of 2023 the USPTO reported that of the 50,425 active patent practitioners, close to 26% are…

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20 Important Questions to Ask a Patent Attorney

Inventor asking a question to a patent lawyer

The most important thing for a productive meeting is to come prepared. Before meeting with your patent attorney take the necessary time to evaluate your situation and understand what you want to get out of the meeting. This article examines some typical questions you may have for your patent attorney. Write down any questions you…

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How Much Does a Patent Lawyer Cost?

Patent lawyer explaining the fees on the paperwork

The primary role of a patent lawyer is to assist their clients with the difficult and time-consuming process of obtaining a valid patent. That, of course, costs money – but, how much money? Enough that it can be a shock to anyone not familiar with typical rates and fees. This article will examine the high…

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What Does a Patent Attorney Do?

Patent lawyer filling out patent paperwork

The field of patent law is unique as it has additional requirements for an attorney to meet before they can represent clients as a patent attorney. This article will examine the qualifications of a patent attorney, the difference between patent attorneys and patent agents, and what a patent attorney does. What Is a Patent Attorney?…

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The State of Wyoming aka “The Equality State” is located in the Western region of the U.S. and was the 44th state admitted to the union. In the 2020 calendar year 159 granted patents originated from Wyoming. This accounts for around 0.09% of granted patents that originated in the US. The population in Wyoming that…

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Wisconsin state flag

The State of Wisconsin aka “The Badger State” is located in the Upper Midwestern region of the U.S. and was the 30th state admitted to the union. In the 2020 calendar year 2,939 granted patents originated from Wisconsin. This accounts for around 1.6% of granted patents that originated in the US. The population in Wisconsin…

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West Virginia

West Virginia state flag

The State of West Virginia aka “The Mountain State” is located in the Appalachian region of the U.S. and was the 35th state admitted to the union. In the 2020 calendar year 134 granted patents originated from West Virginia. This accounts for around 0.07% of granted patents that originated in the US. The population in…

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